Published 07/29/2021



Abdomen and Primary Tumor

After reviewing the results from the PET scan, colonoscopy, and HIDA scan, the oncologist told Kimberlyn that there is no sign of cancer in her abdomen or colon. Only some scar tissue remains in the lower colon. With that information, she gave Kimberlyn the option of continuing the chemo, and told Kimberlyn she would speak with the radiation team to determine whether they should go forward at this time with the radiation plans. Originally, the radiation was going to be used to shrink the primary tumor enough that it could be removed via surgery, but now that we know the tumor is already gone, they need to decide on how to proceed. Often, radiation is used even if the tumor is not present, to be sure all traces are removed. The radiation team and the oncologist will discuss and come up with a plan.

The oncologist mentioned her being in "remission", which technically, she is. Often, that word seems to imply "cancer-free" but that's not the case. When she was first diagnosed, she had ~ 15 tumors. They were in her colon, liver, and lungs. Now, she has one very small tumor in her lung. So yes, she is in remission.

Remaining Tumor

There is one very small remaining tumor in her lung. At this time, the doctors don't seem very concerned about this tumor, but will continue watching it. Kimberlyn is going to continue the maintenance chemo, so it is likely that this tumor will continue to shrink.

“no sign of cancer in her abdomen or colon”


We are extremely thankful today. Although Kimberlyn has a hard time seeing it, she has been very strong over the past year and a half. God has worked a miracle in her body. As friends and people we have never met, have been praying around the world for her healing, God has healed. We know there could still be difficult times ahead, but today, we thank God, and we thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and gifts. The past year and a half would have been much more difficult without you.