Published 08/10/2020

Surprise Surgery!

Sunday afternoon, the chemo port in her chest began to give her problems, like redness and swelling, which are cardinal signs of infection. Maddie talked her into going to the emergency room. They put her in a room and have been promising her surgery to remove it, ever since she arrived. She was told just a few hours ago that the surgery would be tomorrow. We still don't know the time yet, but they say she should be able to go home once it is over.

We're not used to being apart.


Please keep her in your prayers as she heals from this and heals from cancer. She's home-sick, and I'm missing her. We don't know how to live apart. I'm just glad she is being taken care of and she's able to have it removed. Having the port removed means that she'll have to continue her maintenance treatment with pills instead of infusion. Should be fine, it's just a lot of pills.


So please say an extra prayer for her. She's fighting hard, in between breaking down. She can do it. She's so strong. Thanks to everyone for your help during this difficult time. We're sure the last 6 months would've been much more difficult without all of you.

Watch this space for updates.

We love all of you! Have a great day!