Published 06/29/2021

Starting Radiation and Some Good News


Radiation Treatment

The clinic was very positive about the use of radiation on the primary tumor. They told her that this option is only possible because of how well her body has responded to the chemo. The plan is for 6 weeks of radiation, 5 times per week. If all goes well, they will plan surgery a few weeks after radiation ends, to hopefully remove what's left of the tumor. It will likely be an uncomfortable 6 weeks for her, but this is really good news.

Colonoscopy and PET scan

Before they can start making the radiation plan, she needs a colonoscopy and a PET scan. The colonoscopy is planned for this Thursday, July 1st, at noon. I'll update when we know the date for the PET scan. This procedure was originally scheduled for the 6th, but was moved up a few days.

“Colonoscopy: July 1st”


Again, thanks to all of you and thank God for His healing. A year ago, we didn't know where we would stand right now, but she has done so well. God has been good and you have all been so good to us. Continue to keep her in your prayers. Much love!