Published 03/02/2021

Overdue Update


Previous Scans

The last scans, late last fall, showed that the two remaining tumors were still there, but continuing to shrink. There is one tumor that remains in the lungs, along with the primary tumor in the lower colon. On the scan from late last summer, these two tumors were about 1/4 of the size they were when first discovered. Now they are even smaller.

Continued Treatment

Kimberlyn continues taking chemotherapy pills and visits the clinic every 3 weeks for a short infusion. The side-effects aren't bad at this time. For a couple of days after the infusion, her energy is zapped, but otherwise, she can live without the more serious issues that she had to deal with during the first 6 months of treatment.

Next Scans

Her next scans are scheduled for later this month. She will have 2 CT scans and a bone scan. We will post an update when we have the results.

Next Scan: March 12th


We just want to, again, say thank you to everyone who has lifted Kimberlyn up in prayer, sent cards, money, or just a kind word. The past year has been extremely difficult for many reasons, but you have been a huge part of helping us through it. We know that there will likely be challenging days down the road, but today we are happy, blessed, and encouraged. God is good and has been very good to us!