Published 11/08/2021

Radiosurgery - The Last Tumor



Kimberlyn started an intense 5-session radiation treatment on October 29th. Each session takes about an hour and is followed by a steroid shot. At this time, only one small tumor remains and doctors believe this round of radiation will eliminate it. Radiosurgery is intense, focused, radiation treatment. Here are some details from Johns Hopkins.


She has really started feeling the effects of the radiation in the last few days. We believe her esophagus is inflamed, which is common in her situation. This makes it painful and difficult to swallow. Coupled with non-stop heartburn, she's not feeling great at the moment. We are preparing to go to the last session this morning though, so hopefully, she'll begin to recover quickly. We're expecting a re-scan in the next couple of months to let her know how well the radiation worked. Praying for no signs of cancer. She'll continue her maintenance chemo for the time being, but may even be able to get a break from that soon.

We'll keep you updated. As always, thank you for the love and support.