Published 06/15/2021

More Updates on Recent Scans


A Phone Call

Her concerns started this morning when she received a phone call from a radiation clinic saying that her doctor had ordered a consultation with them and that she needed to make an appointment. As she didn't remember her doctor talking about this, she was worried as to what it could mean. She did go ahead and make the appointment, then called her doctor.


Kimberlyn's doctor told her the reason for the radiation consult was because she was far enough along and the cancer that had spread to her lungs and liver was under control. Radiation was always the next step whenever the doctor thought she was ready. So now they want to just meet and discuss whether or not it makes sense to use radiation anywhere. There's no cause for alarm, just part of the process.

Radiation Consultation: June 29th


Her doctor did say that there was some thickening of the lower colon in the area where the primary tumor is. She wants Kimberlyn to have a colonoscopy to see exactly how much of that tumor is still there.

Colonoscopy: July 6th


As always, thank you for your prayers and support. Kimberlyn is fighting and trying to stay strong. It is difficult sometimes though. Just please keep her mind and lift her up when you can. Much love.