Published 12/21/2021

Latest Scans and Back to School


CT and Bone Scan

Kimberlyn's latest scans show that the radiosurgery did well shrinking the tumor in her lung. At the time, it was the only remaining tumor and was already very small. Now it is even smaller but there is still a small spot.

There was, however, a new tumor discovered in her liver. Her liver has been tumor free for maybe a year. The doctor isn't immediately concerned about this tumor and will be watching it over the next few months. She will have a PET scan in 3 months to see what the status is.

Right now, Kimberlyn feels great. She does still have a little pain from time to time due to the bleeding she had in her lung a few months ago, but overall, she's doing well. 

Back to School

Kimberlyn will be going back to cosmetology school very soon. She was notified that the school had added schedule options that work well for her, so she wants to get back in and finish as soon as possible. I'm very excited for her. I know she's excited as well.

Please pray that her meds continue to do their job and that she's able to get back to school and graduate soon!

Merry Christmas everyone!